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Workshops are for all couples. Struggling couples. Disconnected couples. Unmarried couples. LGBTQ couples. Couples together for many years. It is also for couples who wish to grow closer to each other. This program will enable you and your loved one to connect on a higher level with a payoff that lasts a lifetime. Please note, couples in extreme distress are advised to In this workshop for couples, you and your loved one will start by recognizing the strengths already present in your relationship. This is a great relationship exercise that teaches you to rely on your strengths. Next, the workshop guides you through you identifying and addressing the negative interaction patterns you and your partner exhibit. Addressing these behavioral patterns helps you and your partner recognize how arguments start and how you can shift them. Lastly, one of the most important lessons you will learn from this workshop is how to understand each other’s emotions on a deeper level. This is an important skill as it will help you reconnect when you feel distant.


The Hold Me Tight® workshop encompasses a variety of exercises and conversations based on Dr. SueJohnson’s, founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT), Hold Me Tight® book – which you should read (or listen to) in preparation for attending the workshop. Please ask me for more details if you have questions. 


This retreat has been helping couples all over the world since it was developed. The Hold Me Tight® workshop is more than relationship counseling, it will truly help you flourish together as partners. There are many great programs for couples; the key is to fully engage in whichever path you choose. I would be honored to support your commitment to a relationship with a vision and plan for growth.


90% of couples report significant improvement in their relationship with EFT! To read more about this highly effective approach visit!


In these workshops you will learn to:

o Identify patterns that keep you from feeling close and connected.

o Make sense of your own and your partner’s emotions in order to be more open and responsive

to one another.

o Heal past and present hurts

o Develop effective communication

o Break the cycles of frustration and get “unstuck”.

o Create lasting trust and intimacy.

o Deepen your emotional and intimate connection.

o Create a stronger, more loving relationship.

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