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Are you ready to experience a stronger couple connection? 


Enter a safe environment with a few other couples that share the desire to connect more deeply with their partner.


Seven Conversations


Do you wonder what happened to your friendship? Are you feeling alone? Disappointed? Most couples do not have the tools they need to navigate the ups and downs of a relationship without hurting each other. Do not give up on your relationship or settle for feeling lost! We can help you reconnect with your partner in a way that will help you feel love and appreciated.


Join us for seven conversations that will Ignite your relationship by experiencing new ways of connecting as you apply core concepts from Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), the most successful couple therapy model substantiated by research. Over the past 30 years, extensive research has proven that EFT works. Studies show that EFT moves couples from distress to recovery in 70-75% of cases and 90% of couples report significant improvement in their relationship. EFT gets right to the heart of the matter. Partners feel more secure and accepted by each other. Communication improves and increases in problem solving.


Working through 7 Conversations, couples will learn about the new science of love and explore new ways of moving out of old negative cycles that keep them stuck and disconnected. 


Couples will gain increased awareness and learn new tools to create new interactional patterns

and help strengthen their sense of connection and intimacy to establish a secure and lasting

relationship bond.

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